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Ulisse is operating normally. In case our switchboard is saturated, please use e-mail (see "Contact & access" at the bottom of the page).

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Our solutions

ULISSE assists you with all of your shippings. Each request is handled by a dedicated agent, advising you and defining the best way to transport your goods.

Our role is to guide to towards the safest and most adequate solution, after thoroughly examining your needs.

What do we transport?

From the smallest samples to the largest items, ULISSE transports your parcels across the world. The CNRS’s multidisciplinary aspect leads us to transport an extremely…
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Where and how can we ship your parcels?

Because each shipping is unique, ULISSE calls upon several government contract service providers to offer you an optimal-quality custom service. Towards which destinations? ULISSE helps…
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Customs support

Ulisse is entitled to represent the CNRS when interacting with French Customs. Calling us for a transportation means benefiting from our solid experience with customs…
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We also ship your non-EU purchases

Are you purchasing equipment outside of the EU? Ulisse can take care of its transportation and customs clearance, saving you from many potential inconveniences with…
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During transportation, packages are subject to many constraints and their contents are exposed to risks which should be examined beforehand. The packaging choice is crucial…
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Transportation mode options

Express shipping, road, air or sea transportation, controlled-temperature transportation: discover the main components of Ulisse’s solution palette. Express shipping Ulisse holds a government contract with…
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Removal – Material handling

Transportation + material handling = removal! Ulisse has a government contract with removal companies specialized in the technical and scientific fields. Ulisse’s removal service is…
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Ad Valorem insurance and follow-up procedure

Ulisse takes pride in its very strong reliability (5 issues out of 13,500 operations in 2019), thanks to our preparation work: Analyzing the requirements beforehand…
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