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Ulisse is operating normally. In case our switchboard is saturated, please use e-mail (see "Contact & access" at the bottom of the page).

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Scientific projects


KM3NeT is an international collaboration whose goal is to build neutrino telescopes and place them 2,500 m deep in the Mediterranean Sea in order to…
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In May 2016 on behalf of the laboratory of atmospheric sounding (LA, UMR 5560), Ulisse arranged the installation of a French-German experiment called DACCIWA in…
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Successful transfer between Toulouse and Hawaii   SPIRou is a near-infrared spectropolarimeter. Its main scientific objectives are the research of habitable exo-Earths near low-mass stars,…
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“Saving ice memory” After a 50-day and 10,000-kilometer trip set up by Ulisse, the ice core samples from the Illimani glacier are now safely stored…
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Project HESS (High Energy Stereoscopic System) is dedicated to the research of cosmic rays thanks to a network of telescopes located in Namibia. As a…
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