Health crisis

Ulisse is operating normally. In case our switchboard is saturated, please use e-mail (see "Contact & access" at the bottom of the page).

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Who we are ?

ULISSE (International Logistics, Experiment Support and Services Unit) is an intramural service unit of the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) whose mission is to assist research laboratories in arranging the transportation of scientific equipment of any kind, all over the world.

Ulisse within the CNRS

An original position Both a headquarters department and decentralized unit, Ulisse holds a particular spot: it is first and foremost an intramural service unit, thus…
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The team

Based in Annecy (74), the unit acts as two things for research laboratories: – an on-demand transport and logistics platform, – a team of advisors…
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Reference texts

This page gathers the main reference texts relating to Ulisse: CNRS notes concerning the use of Ulisse: Note from CNRS management concerning the use of…
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