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What is a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor ?

Personalized assistance / Expertise / Certified / A CNRS unit

Since January 1st 2001, it is mandatory for any company that loads, transports or unloads dangerous goods to employ one or more safety advisors. Whether it’s in the industrial or the agricultural business, the safety advisor takes part in the development of programs for the prevention of safety hazards in the workplace, and is in charge of implementing them through awareness campaigns destined for all concerned parties.

They must hold a certificate of qualification, issued after an exam and approved at community level for five years.

To answer this directive, the CNRS appointed a National Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (NDGSA) with the Chief Resources Officer.


What does he do?

Advice / Practical guides / Training

We assist
As part of the ULiSSE unit, the NDGSA and his team of specialized safety advisors assist CNRS units concerned by this type of transportation in their compliance to regulations.

– Help classifying your dangerous goods (e.g. waste)
– Training/awareness
– Specific tools (guides)
– Procedure writing


I need information quickly because I have to ship a package containing dangerous goods!
Can I contact you?

You may contact us directly (preferably via e-mail) and we will reply as soon as possible.

How do I know if my laboratory is in compliance with regulations?

Waste hold

We come to your unit (usually over a half-day) and talk with the agents whose jobs are linked to dangerous goods transportation.

After the initial laboratory visit, the DGSA writes a report along with recommendations to start the compliance process. In this report, the DGSA prescribes the useful measures for hazard prevention as well as the adequate emergency procedures in case of an accident or incident during the transportation or handling of dangerous goods.

We come to you

This report is here to help the head of the unit with safety management by allowing them to better handle the TDG activity of their laboratory and take safety-improving measures that follow regulation.

The advisor may also educate the unit’s staff on hazards induced by the transportation and handling of dangerous goods.
The safety advisor works with all the unit’s operational departments as well as its suppliers and subcontractors (e.g. waste processing company).