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Ulisse is operating normally. In case our switchboard is saturated, please use e-mail (see "Contact & access" at the bottom of the page).

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Frequently asked questions


What is an incoterm?

Incoterms establish liabilities and obligations for both the buyer and the seller in the following areas: loading, transportation and delivery of goods, as well as the formalities and fees (insurance) relating to these operations. More precisely, they define the moment when these transfer from one to the other.
Learn more: incoterm details on the customs website

How do I work with Ulisse?

You need to have a Janus account. Then, you just have to request a service on our website (log in and create a new Ulisse user account if needed). A member of Ulisse’s operations team will handle the request within 48 h and examine your demands in order to draw up a quote.
Learn more: how to get a quote?

What can Ulisse transport?

Ulisse transports all kinds of goods, from biological samples to scientific equipment or even laboratory containers.
Learn more: our achievements

Which countries are covered?

Ulisse can provide you with a solution for your dispatches towards all countries except the ones under embargo or on the Ministry of Foreign affairs’ black list.
Learn more: the destinations we cover

My goods were delivered damaged, what should I do?

Ulisse holds an insurance contract covering all of its dispatches. When receiving your package, you must write reservations on the delivery note (or CMR waybill) if you notice any apparent damage, and notify us immediately.
Learn more: ad valorem insurance
Learn more: advice on receiving a package

Who can call upon Ulisse?

All the units under CNRS supervision can use Ulisse’s services.
Learn more: Ulisse within the CNRS

Who handles the government contracts?

Ulisse handles the government contracts for transportation with the Alps delegation. The competitive pitch is taken care of for you, so you don’t have to do anything!
Learn more: our solutions

How does Ulisse send intra-CNRS invoices?

Intra-CNRS invoices are sent via e-mail exclusively, never uploaded to the Choruspro platform.
Learn more: financial management

I lost my invoice, what should I do?

Send an e-mail with your purchase order number to our managing team.
Please note: to handle your requests more efficiently, we have two e-mail addresses depending on whether it is an express service or not.