Health crisis

Ulisse is operating normally. In case our switchboard is saturated, please use e-mail (see "Contact & access" at the bottom of the page).

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How to get a quote

Here are the three steps to get a quote from us. If you have a question, please feel free to contact us.


1. Log in (upper right corner!)

You need to have a Janus identification account as well as an account on our interface (obtained in 2 clicks on your first request).


2. Enter a service request

Choose from:
Logistical service: transportation, customs clearance, packaging, insurance – all destinations, including project setup assistance
⇒ Importation of non-EU purchases: transportation from the supplier’s site, customs clearance and insurance
 ⇒ Removal: support for the moving of scientific equipment in France

The more detailed your request is, the better and quicker we’ll be able to meet your needs. After your confirmation, our objective is to handle your request within 48 hours.


3. We prepare a quote and send it to you

The logistical coordinator in charge of your file will study your need, call our contractors and send you a quote as soon as possible.
Caution: this phase can be very quick, but complex and international operations may take longer to set up. Remember to anticipate!

Learn more: our terms of use
Learn more:  financial management of a Ulisse service