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During transportation, packages are subject to many constraints and their contents are exposed to risks which should be examined beforehand.

The packaging choice is crucial to the success of your shipping. Depending on the nature of the goods, special packaging may be required, as well as special labeling (e.g. dangerous goods). Ulisse assists laboratories to ensure that international rules and regulations are followed and that the contents of the package are protected.


Common and standardized packaging

As part of a shipping service, ULiSSE can provide you with standardized boxes of different sizes.
ULiSSE can also provide you with adequate packaging for shippings under specific temperatures (-80°C; +2/8°C).


Protection and monitoring

We have the option to equip your goods with specific sensors depending on their nature (temperature probe, impact or tilt indicator, GPS beacon…) to monitor constraints during transportation. We also offer seals to make your packages inviolable.


Custom packaging

Through a government contract with a design office and a packaging company, ULISSE can provide you with custom packaging solutions for your goods. Ranging from a simple wood crate to impact-absorber-mounted structures, all solutions are up to study.


Labeling for dangerous goods

After examining the items you need to transport, Ulisse provides “ready-to-use” packaging for your dangerous goods. We label and mark the package in accordance with dangerous goods transportation regulations (road, air, sea).

In case you already have the package, we provide you with the mandatory labels via express letter and check the package conformity with you before shipping. 

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