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Ulisse within the CNRS


An original position

Both a headquarters department and decentralized unit, Ulisse holds a particular spot: it is first and foremost an intramural service unit, thus functioning similarly to a research laboratory (laboratory council, supervision and steering committee…), in close relation with its regional proximity delegation, the Alps delegation.
But Ulisse is also a support service for the whole CNRS, reporting to the Security Department (DirSu), and therefore to the CNRS Resource Office (DGDR). In this capacity, it acts as a headquarters department with national authority.


Ulisse, a Security Department (DirSu) unit

As a major protagonist of international research, the CNRS takes part in a considerable amount of scientific equipment exchanges (gear, samples, prototypes…) between its laboratories and their collaborators in France and abroad. But the transportation of scientific goods often involves significant hazards and/or particular constraints: dangerous goods, fragile and sometimes expensive equipment, perishable samples, dual-use goods…
Thus, the challenge for the institution is to guarantee the safety of persons and goods during these transportations. Ulisse is the answer to this necessity, educating laboratories on these issues and defining the most adequate transport solution while following the various regulations. Within the scope of this risk management mission, the unit reports to the Security Department.

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A brief history

The starting point: the Annecy Laboratory of Particle Physics
It all started with some French-Swiss exchanges… read more