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Use of MyDHL+

Simplified express shipping with MyDHL+

Express shipping is a transportation mode most adequate for small, low-value packages and documents. It is fast and economical. Many laboratories use it daily for shippings that show no technical complexity and therefore do not require our logistical coordinators to step in.

In order to simplify procedures in this scenario, Ulisse creates dedicated user IDs for the willing units. These allow them to set up certain operations directly on our contractor’s website while benefiting from the attractive prices of our government contract.

Specific terms of use

This service is limited to the following cases:

– goods that are not classified as dangerous
– goods that do not contain any live animal or animal parts
– goods worth less than 20,000 €
– no special packaging required (Dry Shipper, dry ice, etc)
– parcels weighing less than 30 kg per package and less than 70 kg total (actual weight)
– packages smaller than 120 cm
– shipping from France
– shipping not subject to customs fees (area limited to EU not including overseas departments and territories, except for documents: service available across the world)

In all other cases, express shipping in not available: 
please file a service request on the Ulisse website (log in).

Terms of use memo for printing: 

In practice:

To benefit from this service and get our step-by-step MyDHL+ interface guide:

If you have any doubt regarding the dangerous nature of your goods, packaging or potential customs fees:

For all other financial questions related to this service: