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We also ship your non-EU purchases

Are you purchasing equipment outside of the EU? Ulisse can take care of its transportation and customs clearance, saving you from many potential inconveniences with customs.

The right habit: calling Ulisse before the purchase

Many laboratories have learned the hard way that a supplier that ships its packages itself never guarantees good handling of import clearance fees, potential customs fees and VAT, or even the final delivery! Even if they tell you otherwise before the purchase! The goods then get blocked by customs and are sometimes not retrievable.

To prevent this from happening, remember to call us beforehand, right when you are preparing your purchase with the supplier. We will pay special attention to the incoterm choice, which defines the limits of each party’s responsibility (EXW being the favorite for this type of operation). We will take care of transportation, from collecting the package at the supplier’s warehouse all the way to delivering it to the agreed location in France, including the most important part: customs formalities. 

Also remember to verify that your equipment is CE labeled, which is mandatory for most goods permanently imported from outside the EU. Even scientific equipment! Learn more on CE labeling on the general directorate for business website.


What do I do if my package is blocked?

Ulisse will not let you handle this alone… If you didn’t call us prior to your purchase and your package gets stuck in customs, we can come in by way of customs brokerage with one of our service providers who will then retrieve the package, clear it and deliver it.

This “rescue operation” is both time-consuming and expensive for you though, because in addition to transfer and administration fees, you will have to pay the final transportation price twice… so try to keep that from happening!

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