Health crisis

Ulisse is operating normally. In case our switchboard is saturated, please use e-mail (see "Contact & access" at the bottom of the page).

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What about the financial management?

Here, you will find all the useful information concerning the administrative and financial management of your service:


Feel free to contact the Administration and Finance department for more information.



Your purchase orders: required information

Your signed purchase order is what validates our quote and confirms our commitment to performing the service. There are two possible cases:

Purchase order on CNRS credits
– prepare a purchase order excluding tax
– write the service reference number in the order description
– use the XF01 family code
– write your postal address as the billing address

⇒ Purchase order on non-CNRS credits
The purchase order must contain the following information:
– complete detail of the ex-tax total, VAT, and total including all tax, in accordance with the received quote
– service reference number in the order description
– signature from a duly mandated person (or digital signature)

Please note: in some cases (private or foreign structures, large total prices, long completion times…) Ulisse may require an up-front payment, the amount of which will be indicated in the quote.


Our invoices: don’t forget the “service complete” procedure!

Our invoices must be paid within 30 days of reception. Ulisse exclusively runs on its own resources, meaning that our budget is dictated by the turnover from our operations. Please make sure to process our invoices in due time, the quality of our service depends on it! Namely:

⇒ Intra-CNRS invoices
These are directly sent to you via e-mail. Caution, internal invoices are not uploaded onto ChorusPro, only the e-mail is valid. To ensure that the total is paid to Ulisse in due time, please:
– carry out the “service complete” procedure on your purchase order upon reception
– send them to your delegation’s finance and accounting department to complete the reconciliation

⇒ Extra-CNRS invoices
– if you are a French public administration: these are sent to you via ChorusPro and follow the standard process.
– if you are a private, french or foreign establishment: an up-front payment may be required before the operation is started. You will receive the final payment request via regular mail or e-mail after reception.


Ulisse financial / legal information

Acronym: ULISSE (Unité de Logistique Internationale, Services et Soutien aux Expériences)
CNRS unit code: UAR 2966 (caution, as of 01/01/2021, this code has changed!)
Division code: 1697
Address : 9 chemin de Bellevue – CS 80412 – 74940 ANNECY – FRANCE

ULISSE SIRET: 180 089 013 04041
VAT number: FR40 180 089 013
Activity code: 7219Z

To get our bank details: contact administration and finance department



Auditable pricing

As a CNRS service platform, Ulisse has an auditable pricing.
The quote we send you takes into account the external contractor fee, to which our pricing is added (as a percentage of the transportation cost). This represents the operation cost of our service platform. The associated takings constitute the only source of financing for our contract workers and our operating budget.

To this day, our pricing unfortunately does not qualify for EU financing. We are working on fixing this issue. If you are facing this problem, feel free to contact us prior to your service request.




SIRET creation / modification for CNRS units

The DSFIM note of february 14, 2014 reminds that all CNRS research units must have an up to date SIRET number (namely for name changes following mergers, postal address changes, etc).

Since SIRET numbers are useful for logistical and transportation procedures (exchange of goods declarations, for example), Ulisse was appointed to serve as a one-stop service within the CNRS.

We are therefore at your disposal for any SIRET creation or modification requests to INSEE. You just need to:

1- Check your current information on the dedicated website. To find your unit, type in the CNRS SIREN number (180 089 013) then select a research option, by department for example.

2- Send us an e-mail explaining your request: modification (if so, which fields) or new number.

Please note: The INSEE does not notify us when the operation is complete (this generally takes between a few days and two weeks). We advise you to check online. Feel free to contact us again if you encounter any trouble.